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I am hardware inventor and problem solver. I have deep talent across many hardware and software disciplines, which i uses to create solutions to everyday problems. I have spent the last few years designing custom hardware solutions and automated home services for clients, along with core enterprise solutions for large companies.I am excited by the idea of cheap hardware reaching many people to solve everyday problems and irritations. I resides in Akure, Nigeria.

I am passionate about offering a wide population with an intergrated payment solution with the 12 year experience programming web-based and android solutions behind me. In 2014, I worked with a technology team to develop a solution worth 53,000 USD for the Federal Government of Nigeria. I used to run a small business that offers embedded and software services. In 2016, I was invited by the Chinese government to speak on African tech innovation.

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Full-Stack Development

I offered full-stack development ranges from web development, mobile and system application development

Embedded System Expert

I and my team have over 10 years experience on embedded system ranging from sensor, actuators and automation.


I lead various trainings across software and hardware development with my amazing teams.

Server Specialist

I have a sound knowledge in server management.

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  • Web Developement
  • Embedded System
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Training
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Toju Website

A Web Based Record Management Platform for thrift collectors, cooperatives and micro finance.

Afaye Travels

A Travel agency website.

Rich View Travels

A Travel agency website.


A web design and development training website.


A Food delivery website.

Home Automation Device

A device that let you control your house appliances from a mobile phone

Automatic Pump Control

A device that automate water or fuel pumps

Change Over Switch

A automation device that autonomously change from main grid and alternatives

Temperature and Heart Beat

Datalogger for temperature and heartbeat

Smart SME

A device for record management for small medium enterprises


A cross platform socio-financial mobile money application which allows money transfer online or in person at the speed of instant messaging thus making it easier , cheaper and faster to make everyday micro transactions, the app also features an inbuilt escrow system to enhance trust in paying for goods and services online, third party API for developers.

TOJU Android App

We are Providing affordable financial services to the last mile through Thrift collectors (ajo, esusu), savings clubs and local co-operatives. we are helping local financial service providers do more by keeping better records and giving them additional income streams .


A mobile application that teaches webdesign with free video resources. The video contain HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,PHP AND MYSQL.


A medical fitness application for workout and GYM.


Chat and Social media app.

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